This week, Starbucks came under fire for its promise to hire 10,000 refugees in its stores worldwide. Many Americans thought this worthy of criticism, not praise, and expressed sentiments that Starbucks should hire veterans first. Firstly, this completely ignores the fact that Starbucks has had a program in place since 2014 that is aimed at hiring veterans, and has helped 8,000 veterans since its establishment. Secondly, it values certain people’s lives over others.

This reeks of the hypocrisy of the All Lives Matter crowd. These are the people who react in horror when someone wishes them Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, and revolt against Starbucks when it has a minimalist red cup that celebrates all cultures and religions instead of just Christmas.

I don’t think it’s good PR to ignore the fact that refugees need help, and it makes sense for private industry to take action. Governments simply can’t handle it all. It is part of a strong CSR model to advance human rights and act upon urges of kindness and goodness.

While I think Starbucks has other issues with its ethics, I applaud it for trying to do some good in the world and pledge to hire refugees. Anyone who thinks otherwise should probably reexamine their morals.