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University vs. Real Life

**This is the second in a small series of posts drawn from a conversation I had with Francis Ingham, the Director General of the PRCA.** During my meeting with Francis, I asked him what he thought of university PR degrees and... Continue Reading →


Apologies for the delay in posts…

I've been completely bogged down with work and uni, but expect a new post in the next few days! I'll be going on holiday so I'll have some spare time to get out some updates. Cheers, Hannah

Francis Ingham: Want a Job? Use Your Resources

**This is the first in a small series of posts drawn from a conversation I had with Francis Ingham, the Director General of the PRCA.** This week, I was lucky enough to meet with Francis Ingham, the extremely busy director... Continue Reading →

The Role of Customer Service in Relationship Management

Last week in my core MA module, we discussed the concept of relationship management, or RM. The principle behind this term is developing relationships with existing customers to maintain loyalty rather than wasting resources to go out and get new... Continue Reading →

Millennials, Art, and Advertising

I've been reading a lot of research for a class I'm taking for my Masters program on cultural theory and cultural consumption, and advertising's place in it. It made me think about how much modern life has progressed, and how... Continue Reading →

How to Use Facts in a ‘Post-Truth’ Market

Full disclosure: this post was inspired by this article in the Guardian, written by Will Davies, who is a political economist at Goldsmiths, where I'm studying for my MA in Promotional Media. Davis proposes that statistics are a double-edged sword when it... Continue Reading →

Corporate Social Responsibility as a Form of Corporate PR

A few weeks ago, I attended a talk at Goldsmiths (where I am studying for my MA in Promotional Media), and listened to a very eloquent and shiny presentation from a representative from Vodafone about their CSR initiatives. The gist... Continue Reading →

A Conflict of Interest, starring Ivanka Trump

Elle Magazine has been hitting it out the park with its editorials lately. Their most recent, titled "It is Not Normal for a First Lady and Daughter to Try to Sell You Stuff" by Sady Doyle is not only a... Continue Reading →

Wikipedia as the Canary in the Coal Mine

When Wikipedia falls apart, is that a warning that the rest of society is about to fall apart? In my Critical Social Media Practices class, we were having a lesson on Wikipedia: how to track users changing it, who contributes... Continue Reading →

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