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Girls are where it’s at

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Simon Bishop, Director of Policy and Programmes at Plan International UK. I am interested in entering the NGO and Charities communications field as my career advances, so I was grateful to... Continue Reading →


Captioning Videos: A Public Service Announcement

Video is where it's at when it comes to content. Video has been a defining feature of the digital world, and it's what people consume the most when using social and online media. Forbes says "Video is projected to claim... Continue Reading →

What about the lazy?

Millennials/the young get a bad rap for being lazy, but about 99.999999% of the population is lazy on a regular basis (this is hyperbole, but you get my drift). Most people do not like to go out of their way... Continue Reading →

Why Public Relations?

I recently had the opportunity to have two meetings/job interviews with Colin Byrne, UK & EMEA CEO of Weber Shandwick, and Joe Sinclair, Creative Director & Founder of Romans PR. Both men asked me why I wanted to get into... Continue Reading →

What if your content looks like propaganda?

When it comes to creating edgy, noticeable content, it's tempting to create something that looks obviously like an advertisement and be done with it. This kind of content screams propaganda for your client, and won't do you any good. Consumers... Continue Reading →

Mental Health in Public Relations

One of the most important topics right now in the corporate world, and specifically in public relations, is mental health. In fact, it's Mental Health Awareness Week, from 8 to 15 May. Employers are questioning how to best help their... Continue Reading →

Job Hunting

Hello Internet. Please send me good news. I am currently job hunting (again) because I would like to start work in September in London, after I finish my dissertation! I am applying to internships for part time work during the... Continue Reading →

The Gigantic PR Disaster that is United Airlines

Oh, United. I'll never fly with you again. You clearly don't respect customers, and you don't even have the decency to pretend you do. You can stand behind your employees all you like, but not when they were clearly in... Continue Reading →

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